Featured Heroes

My daughter Jill is a RN working at Memorial Central here in Colorado Springs. She works on the step down cardiac intensive care unit but has recently been working with COVID patients during this crisis and floating to the ICU to help out. This is Jills first year as a nurse as she recently graduated from nursing school in May of 2019. Talk about a crazy first year of her nursing career!
The Job Family
He does what he can for our family,
even after long nights still comes home
and plays with our daughter and helps me with everyday things.
He pushes to excel and he does it for our family.
He works hard, I’m so proud of him!
With his last deployment he just came back from and what he went thru,
he pushed to get home to us and stayed safe!
The Frahm Family 
My husband, Brian, has been with CSPD for 17 years.
He has devoted his life to serving the community he grew up in and does such an amazing job.
As an officer he spent his time working patrol and as a member of the SWAT team for 8 years. He was promoted to sergeant in 2014.
He is a smart, funny, caring and compassionate person who brings all of those traits to his job every day. He is a great leader and wonderful representative for the CSPD. On top of all of that he is an amazing daddy and role model to our three young children who adore him.
We are so extremely proud of everything he does
for our community every day!
The Gilder Family
My dad is an Army Veteran. He served for 20 years.
Not only did he serve his country but his family as well.
It was an honor to travel with him as a child and watch his dedication.
He’s truly an inspiration to so many!




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